Competition Info

Competition Info

The International Jewellery Designer Competition will be held at J-1 Congress Expo.
We will identify the best artists for various materials. This Competition presents a chance for modern jewelers to showcase their art to the widest audience, and a chance for young professionals to make their statements and gain recognition.


J-1 Jewellery Art Competition Regulations

The J-1 Jewellery and Applied Art Competition (hereinafter – Competition) focuses on assisting development of the jewellery industry in various areas, promoting and supporting modern Russian artists and companies, keeping applied art traditions in jewellery. The purpose of the Competition is to highlight the art of modern artists and the diverse culture of Russia and other countries, reflected in designer jewellery items.


Competition Objectives

  • Discovering creative potential and improving professional excellence of jewellery designers;  
  • Sharing artisanal experience and creating a common cultural and information field;
  • Maintaining and developing jewellery and applied arts traditions;  
  • Identifying talented jewellery designers and makers;
  • Promoting products by award winners;  
  • Facilitating the growth of creative and cultural levels of jewellery artists in a competitive environment;  
  • Setting up and developing new areas in the modern jewellery industry;  
  • Raising profiles of Russian jewelers;
  • Discovering new industry names. 

Competition Nominations

1. Diamond Jewellery Item Sketch
Criteria: A hand-drawn sketch of a jewellery item. Both paper sketches and digital renders are accepted.A sketch must be drawn no earlier than 2020.

2. Jewellery
Criteria: 60-70% of the item must be handmade (based on an exclusive individual / team design). Any materials are allowed, but use of precious metals and (or) gems is required.
An item must be made no earlier than 2020.

3. Independent Jeweler
Criteria: An original creative item by jeweler must be submitted for the nomination. An item must be made no earlier than 2020. Applicants for this nomination shall be owners of proprietary independent brands and also those jewelers who create their unbranded jewellery in their own workshops. Participation of jewelers working for companies and brands, owned by any third parties, shall not be allowed.

4. Jewellery Item
Criteria: The nomination shall feature carved stone items, jewellery accessories, desktop items and sculptures, created with the use of jewellery techniques. An item must be made no earlier than 2020.

5. Jewellery Educator
Criteria: A nomination application shall be submitted by an educational establishment, a student team or an educator team together with a list of achievements and (or) personal professional training projects.

6. Young Jeweler
Criteria: Nomination participants shall be under 30 years old, or with no more than 3 years of jewellery experience. Innovative techniques and materials are encouraged.
An item must be made no earlier than 2020.

7. Serial Production Item       
Criteria: A successful serial production project. The nomination allows for serially produced items.A project shall be submitted by a manufacturing company.

8. Restoration
Criteria: The nomination evaluates the best restoration projects, implemented with the use of jewellery techniques and completed over the latest five years.
Applications may be submitted by project authors (both by restoration artists and restoration shops), museums and other cultural establishments, which provided their artists or teams for restoration activities.

9. 3D-modeling
Criteria: A 3D item model in stl format, made no earlier than 2020, with full rights belonging to the applicant, must be submitted for the nomination. An application for an employee may also be submitted by the company that owns rights for the models.

10. Jewellery Heritage Preservation
Criteria: Projects, performed with the use of preserved or restored jewellery techniques shall be submitted for the nomination. An item must be handmade no earlier than 2020.


The Competition allows for use of items featuring titan, gun metal, other modern materials, cultured and synthetic stones, wood, plastic, bone, horn.

No items containing ivory or tortoise shell will be accepted for the Competition.


Application Submission Requirements for the Competition

Candidates are required to submit an application to the e-mail address of the Organizational Committee of the Competition over the period from April 1 to July 31, 2022, featuring:

  • Life-size front and back images of the item to be entered in the Competition, in PNG format, against transparent background, resolution no less than 300 dpi, file size no more than 10 MB (no more than 3 images of one item);
  • item description and permission to use its images in printed publications and mass media for awareness raising purposes for the Competition;
  • Short essay about the author, no more than 250 characters.

Copies of the following documents shall be submitted together with an application to the e-mail address of the Organizational Committee of the Competition:

  • For items featuring precious metals and gems
  • Legal entity or individual entrepreneur registration certificates;
  • Special registration certificates of the Russian State Assay Chamber.

Submitted documents, photos, digital images and item description shall not be returned to applicants.


Special Competition Requirements

Delivery and security of items to be submitted for review by the Competition’s Jury shall be ensured by a participant of the Competition or an authorized representative of a participant over the period from September 15 to September 20, 2022.

Participation in the Competition is governed by the Competition Rules


Competition Phases (excluding special nomination)

Phase 1 (application selection): February 1 to July 31, 2022.

Phase 2 (evaluation): August 2022.                                            

Phase 3 (J-1 Expo award ceremony in Moscow): August 31 – September 3, 2022.